HITRANS and ZetTrans IfYouCareShare


Introduction to the Scheme

IfYouCareShare.com has been developed by HITRANS and ZetTrans in partnership with Jambusters Limited to provide a region-wide Car Share database.

IfYouCareShare.com provides an advanced intranet based Carshare matching system (the software is basically a utility / tool to help maximise car sharing).

HITRANS and ZetTrans are committed to promoting car sharing. It is a critical element for future growth and shows consideration and care for our community. We urge you to help reduce congestion and pollution.

Benefits of the Scheme

Benefits to individual members

  • Reduce congestion and save valuable time at the beginning and end of the day
  • Reduce fuel costs and parking charges by sharing the day-to-day expenses
  • Reduce the mileage and everyday wear and tear on your vehicle
  • Reduce staff stress levels
  • Reduce traffic pollution and help contain the increasing pressure the local community and environment
  • Enjoy a more sociable and less stressful way of traveling

Benefits to Employers

  • Reduced demand for parking spaces
  • Reduction on maintenance costs
  • Reduction of on site congestion
  • Reduce staff stress levels
  • Perceived staff benefits
  • Recruitment and retention of staff

Aims of the Scheme

Without doubt the car is the most convenient means of transport for most of us. At present over 85% of UK workers use cars to travel to work each day. Through IfYouCareShare.com we aim to improve the current situation for all road users by reducing congestion and the volume of traffic on the road network at morning and evening travel times - without compromising or restricting the development of other modes of transport.

As more and more people register on the scheme, there will be a much greater potential for finding a suitable match amongst registered members. The scheme's success relies upon an easily accessible and flexible database of staff who are willing to take part and take full advantage of the immediate and long-term benefits.

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