HITRANS and ZetTrans IfYouCareShare

HITRANS and ZetTrans IfYouCareShare



Download and use the HITRANS information leaflet for your users

Travel plans are one way that we are helping employers to encourage employees to think of ways to get to work other than using their own cars:

HITRANS is the Highlands and Islands Transport Partnership in Scotland. As a statutory body its remit covers all forms of public transport in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland including ferry, road transport, rail, air travel, cycling and walking.

Vital to the economic activity and community services, HITRANS is tasked with pursuing improvements to the strategic transport services and infrastructure network. Together with stakeholders, including bus operators, Highlands and Islands Airports Ltd. (HIAL), rail and ferry companies, and other interested bodies throughout the north of Scotland, HITRANS is working towards making the region a better place to live and work.


The Workplace Travel Plan for Shetland Islands Council (link below) addresses the specific issues of accessibility within Shetland and the promotion of sustainable travel that will help to reduce transport related carbon emissions and increase opportunities for physical activity for the population.
Workplace Travel Plans .pdf
Workplace Travel Plans .doc

ZetTrans is a statutory body responsible for the provision and maintenance of public transport services in the Shetland Islands. Working in cooperation with a number of stakeholders and interested bodies, including bus operators, airlines and ferry companies, ZetTrans is geared towards the development of a sustainable transport network to meet the needs of the present while also looking towards the future.
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