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August 2008

IfYouCareShare could save the average commuter more than £1,000 a year.

Drivers throughout the Highlands and Islands can save cash, while also helping to save the planet. The scheme, which travellers can access by Internet or phone, aims to encourage people to share car travel and to lighten the financial burden that running a car can place on a household.

The free service works by allowing commuters to log into a central website - or to phone a call centre - to help identify other people who are travelling on the same route at a specified time, helping all participants save money and the environment.

Councillor Duncan MacIntyre, Chairman of HITRANS, believes that as fuel prices continue to rise car sharing makes sound financial sense, especially for regular journeys such as shopping trips and travelling to and from work.

photo of Cllr Duncan MacIntyre, Dave Duthie, Ranald Robertson
Councillor MacIntyre said: "The saving for a daily commuter who shares a journey instead of driving alone averages over £1000 a year, but even sharing one-off journeys can deliver significant savings.

"Car sharing also helps the environment, with every journey shared saving greenhouse gas emissions and helping to ease the problems of global climate change. Getting involved with IfYouCareShare.com means you can save your pocket and the planet at the same time."

"Car sharing has great potential throughout the Highlands and Islands and the Western Isles in particular, with some of the most expensive fuel costs in the country, can really benefit if people make use of the service."

People who want to use the scheme can register on the IfYouCareShare.com website, or contact 01667 460 464, to list the journeys they would like to make. The system will then match this information with the details of those already registered with the same travel needs.

Users of the scheme can register preferences, such as travelling with people of the same sex, or with non-smokers, and always have the option of whether to participate in any particular arrangement or not. Personal information is closely guarded and no home addresses are given out, initial contact is made by telephone and locations are defined by postcodes.


The figure of a £1,000 saving per annum for a typical commuter mentioned is a conservative estimate based on someone who currently makes a commute to Inverness from Nairn five days per week for 48 weeks in the year.

A regular car share arrangement will allow this commuter to halve the number of times they use their own car. The calculation is based on a fuel only saving using the inland revenue rate for mileage over 10,000 miles of 25 pence per mile for the 33 mile round trip. The calculation is: (33 x 5 x 48 x £0.25)/2 = £990

This calculation does not take account of the current fuel price nor does it account for savings such as car parking charges and marginal costs such as insurance, road tax and other standing costs. An alternative figure that could be used is the RAC level which calculates the true cost of car travel (for an 1800cc petrol car) as 55.4 pence per mile which would give a much larger saving for the same car share as that described above of £2,127.36 if the same driver opted to car share. Car sharing could allow households to forego the need for a car. The RAC website includes a tool to calculate car running costs which can be accessed through the link below.

RAC - Owning a car - running costs

June 2008
ZetTrans launch of IfYouCareShare.com

ZetTrans has launched a website to encourage and enable more people across Shetland to car share

The car share website has been set up as a partnership between HITRANS and ZetTrans, in order to make best use of resources and provide opportunities for people across the Highlands and Islands.

Cllr Allan Wishart, Chair of ZetTrans says: "Many people are already sharing journeys, particularly with the rising costs of fuel. We want to make it easier for more people to do this and see the website as one way to help."

In addition to saving money, there are other benefits to car sharing, such as cutting down on emissions and reducing our carbon footprint and potentially reducing the need to own a private car.

An example is that if you drive just 10 miles to work daily, five days a week and 45 weeks per year, you could be spending over £800 in fuel for that journey alone. If you travelled with one other person, it is a saving of about £400 per year, just on fuel.

Emma Perring, of ZetTrans says: "As well as reducing the impact of travel on the environment, we hope this site enables people to more readily access opportunities for work, learning, health and other services, as well as leisure activities, particularly at this time of rising costs of private travel.

regular car sharers Maggie Dunne, Jonathan Emptage and Emma Perring
Maggie Dunne, Jonathan Emptage and Emma Perring, of the South Mainland, who regularly share car journeys into work
We would encourage everyone in Shetland to use the site, whether willing to share their car journeys or whether looking for lifts."

Jonathan Emptage, South Mainland, says "We already share journeys when we can, and have an informal network so that if people need a lift into work at the last minute, or get held up at the end of the day, rather than using the bus, we can phone each other."

Maggie Dunne, also South Mainland says: "I plan to log my regular journeys on the site, as I'm keen to help people who aren't able to run a vehicle everyday."

The scheme's success relies upon an easily accessible and flexible database of people who are willing to take part

May 2008
www.IfYouCareShare.com Named by Pupils from Sgoil Phaibil

The new car sharing service for the Highlands and Islands has got a name.

www.IfYouCareShare.com really does sum up exactly what HITRANS and ZetTrans are hoping to achieve with the new site not to mention why people need to think more about the environment both for their benefit and for the sake of future generations.

While the site has been developed by Jambusters, a company specialising in organising journey sharing throughout the UK, the catchy site name, IfYouCareShare.com, was very appropriately selected by the next generation in a contest run through schools right across the Highlands and Islands. In total well over a hundred suggestions were received so the decision was not easy for the judging panel.

Tom Lane and Effie Ann MacQuarrie, both S2 pupils at Paible Junior Secondary School on the island of North Uist, fought off strong competition from pupils throughout the Highlands and islands to come up with the winning site name, IfYouCareShare.com.

photo of ..... receiving a prize...
They were studying climate change at the same time as submitting their entry and HITRANS Chair Councillor Duncan MacIntyre observed: "They were clearly paying attention to their teacher, as they came up with a name that really reflects the importance of acting now to look after our planet."

Councillor Donald Manford, HITRANS board member and Chair of Transportation for Comhairle Nan Eilean Siar, presented Tom and Effie Ann with the prize of a Nintendo Wii.

He said: "It is great to see this initiative launched and I was particularly pleased to give Tom and Effie Ann their prize for coming up with such a good name for HITRANS car sharing scheme.

"Car sharing has great potential throughout the Highlands and Islands and the Western Isles in particular, with some of the most expensive fuel costs in the country, can really benefit if people make use of the service."
Pictured above receiving their prize of a Nintendo Wii each from HITRANS Board Member Cllr Donald Manford are Tom Lane and Effie Anne MacQuarrie who came up with the name www.IfYouCareShare.com for the Highlands and Islands Car Share web portal. Tom and Effie Anne are second year pupils at Sgoil Phaibil (Paible School) in North Uist.

April 2008

Shetland Community Bike Project

ZetTrans recently funded employees of the local Council to have their bikes repaired by the Shetland Community Bike Project. Employees had to demonstrate that they were going to use their cycles to get to work, or whilst at work. The scheme ran for just six weeks, and was very successful. This opportunity will be made available to employees of other organisations in Shetland, in the near future. For more information contact ZetTrans on 01595 744868.
photo of bike repair workshop
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